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    Rescue Cat Can't Stop Licking And Hugging His New Owner After Being Adopted

    OMG, he is so precious! I want him! Tossed out of a moving car?! How can people be so awful and cruel?
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    Calvin and Taranga: how I miss them both so dearly

    This is the only thing I hate about cats - they leave us way too soon.
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    Smelly butt

    The breath could be an issue with her teeth and the smelly bum could be her anal glands; if she's 7 months old, she's heading toward maturity. Worth having the vet check it out when you take her to get spayed.
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    My Precious Babes

    HENRY We lost Henry in Dec 2014, at the age of 19. He was our first cat and completely turned us onto cats. He was so gentle and loving. Furry and purry. Large and cuddly, like a teddy. We still miss him very much, even after 5 years. HATTIE We lost Hattie in July 2016 at the age of 19...
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    This Adorable Cat Loves Peaches And People On The Internet Are Losing Their Minds

    Adorable. I wonder if they remind him of his sibs when he was still a baby.
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    Do cats know when they are going to die?

    Yes, they do know. And they will communicate it to you. I've also experience the pre-death purring. It's heart-breaking.
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    My bed is occupied 😺

    "You know you're a cat lover when you refuse to move because your cat is sleeping..." I can so relate; we have to pretzel ourselves around our cats when they join us in bed. Consequently, we don't get much sleep but wouldn't dream of kicking them out of bed!
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    9 Signs Your Cat Truly Loves You

    I've experienced all of the above with different cats. I espectially enjoy the head-butting and kneading :)
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    What Are You Listening To Right Now

    I'm tuned into an oldies station, they're currently playing That's Rock'n'Roll by Shaun Cassidy.
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    Any name suggestions for my two new adopted kittens?

    In case you're still looking; we fostered a couple brothers a few years ago called Bert and Ernie.
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    Meet Felix & Cleo

    Yes, they think so too 😉
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    Post your sleeping cats!!!

    Cleo and Felix, from Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada 😇
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    Any name suggestions for my two new adopted kittens?

    Well, I like proper names for cats, but it's really hard when they are young as the name should reflect their personality somewhat. But since they are kittens (adorable by the way - congrats!) they will likely provide years of goofiness and entertainment, so you could name them after a comedy...
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    Meet Felix & Cleo

    Good Day Everybody: We are new to this forum and would like to introduce our kids, Felix & Cleo. We like to call Felix our "Tuxedo-wannabe" cuz he has a small, white blob on his throat - like a little bow-tie. He is a reasonably active 16-year old, LOVES everybody, including the vet! He also...
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