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Newborn Kitten
Good Day Everybody:
We are new to this forum and would like to introduce our kids, Felix & Cleo.
We like to call Felix our "Tuxedo-wannabe" cuz he has a small, white blob on his throat - like a little bow-tie. He is a reasonably active 16-year old, LOVES everybody, including the vet! He also likes being hoovered and will stalk us around the house while we're hoovering, until he gets his turn! Such a weirdo.
Cleo will be 15 next month. She has slowed down a little, but she used to play fetch and chase her tail. She is our talker, especially around mealtimes and at night-time when she "hunts". Then the whole household is aware that she "caught" a toy, after which she will nestle into bed with us. They lost their 3 sibs over the last 4 years, so have become really bonded to each other. We love them to bits - they bring so much joy and entertainment to our lives.

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