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  1. bubbasmom

    here is Bubba!!!!!!!

    here is my almost 3 year old tabby. I had him since he was 15 months old. I was cat sitting him and last June he permanently became mine. so June 17th is his gotcha day so to speak. he is my cutie pie and love bug.
  2. bubbasmom

    This is Frankie

    awwww a cutie pie!!!!!!!!
  3. bubbasmom

    how is everyone and their cat(s) doing?

    how is everyone and their cat(s) doing?
  4. bubbasmom

    how is your co-worker doing during this time in our lives?

    a few of the ppl I know refer their cats as their co-worker for those that work from home. even tho I'm disabled, and I'm home all the time, I still consider bubba as a coworker. lately he is extra happy that I'm home on the weekends more often than going away every weekend. he enjoys the more...
  5. bubbasmom

    hi everyone! bubba says meow

    hi everyone! bubba says meow
  6. bubbasmom

    Calvin and Taranga: how I miss them both so dearly

    true..I really miss my babies. today marks 9 months that taranga has been gone :(....
  7. bubbasmom

    Calvin and Taranga: how I miss them both so dearly

    The tortie one is Taranga. she was put to sleep last April. tomorrow it will be 9 months since she has been gone. She was 11. The white one is Calvin. He passed away in oct of 2015 at the age of 18. This was taken in 2012 I think...Both were perfect cats. I couldn't ask for better cats. Both...
  8. bubbasmom

    My Precious Babes

    hugs..sorry for your losses
  9. bubbasmom

    What Are You Listening To Right Now

    right now I am listening to bubba purring :)
  10. bubbasmom

    Meet Felix & Cleo

    very cute kitties :)....
  11. bubbasmom

    Meet Messi, The Adorable Puma Who's Living As A Spoiled House Cat

    awww how cccuuuttteeee!!!!!
  12. bubbasmom

    My bed is occupied 😺

    sorry mom, you moved so I take
  13. bubbasmom

    princess trixie

    hi trixie! bubba says meow meow. he is delighted to be here to meet other cats. meow to meet you
  14. bubbasmom

    Meet Bubba-the cat that acts like a dog sometimes

    here is bubba!!!! I was cat sitting him from oct of 2018 till feb of last year due to my cat taranga needing surgery. taranga passed in April of last year and I ended up getting bubba back as my boyfriend was taking care of him. I got bubba back in may. he permanently became mine in June of last...
  15. bubbasmom

    9 Signs Your Cat Truly Loves You

    interesting...bubba does a few of these. she I had my cat taranga and Calvin they did a lot of these. especially the head butting you.



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